Viva Suzuki

Viva Suzuki is our school year grand finale.  It is a concert that involves all SuzukiMusic students, from the earliest beginners to the most senior: violinists, violists, cellists, flutists and guitar students all perform in this event.

Annual Faculty Benefit Concert

Every year our Faculty and Collaborative Pianist gather to rehearse and perform together pro-bono in the Faculty Benefit Concert to raise funds for our School’s Bursary Program.  

Annual Play In

Every November our school community gathers for a fun and informal concert with all instrument groups from our youngest to our oldest students.  The Play In includes music, fun and games, a Photo Booth and a potluck for post concert socializing.  

Junior Orchestra

Junior Orchestra is an exciting step in a student’s musical maturity. This is the first opportunity for multi-instrument and multi-part rehearsals and performances.

The Junior Orchestra performs at the Annual Ensemble Concert and in a local Community Tour, playing at schools or retirement homes in Ottawa.  

Senior Strings Ensemble

Liko our senior guitar students, our senior Strings students work together in instrument specific multi voice senior groups – violin, viola and cello. 

These Senior Strings groups spend some of their time rehearsing together as The Senior Strings Ensemble.

All senior groups perform at our Annual Ensemble Concert and at Community Outreach events.  

Guitar Performance Group

Our Guitar Performance Group is reserved for our most advanced Guitar Students.  This ensemble performs at our Annual Ensembles concert at at various Community Outreach events. 

Family and Friends Recital

Every Spring our students gather some friends or family members and prepare a variety of unique and fun musical selections.  Our Family and Friends concert is a highlight of the year for many of our families.

Semi Annual Recitals

Every student has the opportunity to perform in two studio recitals per year, one in December and one at the end of May/beginning of June.  For most students this is a chance for a solo performance with piano accompaniment and a chance to demonstrate their hard work across the school year.  

Senior Solo Recital

Our Senior solo recital provides a third opportunity for our Senior students to have a solo performance.  The Senior Solo Recital is reserved for Book 4 graduates and above.   Our school acknowledges Book 4 and Book 8 graduates with medals at this recital that takes place at the end of May/beginning of June.  

School Calendar

Check out our calendar for all scheduled SuzukiMusic classes and events.  

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“If a musician wants to become a fine artist, he must first become a finer person.” – Shinichi Suzuki