About Us

What makes our music school so special?

SuzukiMusic is a music school in Ottawa and is also known as the National Capital Suzuki School of Music.  Our music school was founded in 1987 to promote the musical education of children and to nurture their development through the Suzuki method. At the core of the Suzuki Method is the development of the child through the Child – Parent -Teacher Suzuki Triangle.  Parent and Teacher work together to foster the child’s love of music and help them develop at their individual pace.

One of the special components of our music school in Ottawa is the combination of private and group classes.  Parents attend private lessons with their child at their teacher’s studio and learn how to coach their child for their home practice.  As well, there are 15 group classes across September to May where children have a chance to gather with their peers and learn in a social environment. This helps develop a sense of community  within our school.  You can read more detail about the Suzuki Method below.

Our students have the opportunity to perform in a variety of venues – from relaxed Play In Potluck Socials to individual studio recitals and a grand finale celebration concert called Viva Suzuki, as well as community performance opportunities,  giving each child a wide variety of possibilities to share their love of music and developing skill with others.  Our group classes also perform in the local Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival and children may enter individual Kiwanis classes if they wish, in discussion with their private teacher.  

Our students are the heart of our music school and it is the goal of the Faculty, Admin team and Board of Directors to create a rich and stimulating learning environment while fostering the child’s broader development. 

The Suzuki Method

Originally founded by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in Japan in the 1940s, the Suzuki approach has spread worldwide and is recognized as a major force in music education today. The approach focuses on developing the whole child through music. The aim is to nurture creativity, sensitivity and self-esteem and to help children “become better human beings and create a better world.”

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“Beautiful Tone, Beautiful Heart.” – Shinichi Suzuki