The Suzuki Method and Our School- Frequently Asked Questions

Originally founded by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in Japan in the 1940s, the Suzuki method has spread worldwide and is recognized as a major force in music education today. Click here for more information.

The National Capital Suzuki School of Music offers Suzuki method lessons in violin, viola, cello, flute and guitar.

There is no wrong decision when choosing an instrument for your child. Some children are drawn to certain instruments. Showing your child pictures of instruments, or listening to recordings with them can help parent and child choose an instrument together.  We offer a Headstart class for 3 to 4 year olds.  In this class the children are introduced to all of the instruments that we teach at our school.  

SuzukiMusic has a large faculty of experienced and creative teachers. Many teachers like to meet with students and parents before accepting them into their studio. This provides the teacher an opportunity to meet the child, and an opportunity for the parent to determine if the teacher’s personality and teaching style suits their child. Some parents also prefer taking lessons from a teacher who lives in their area.

Dr. Suzuki once said “You are never to young, and rarely too old” to play an instrument. With the Suzuki method children most often begin music lessons between the ages of 3 and 6.

Group classes are very similar to private lessons, but in a larger class setting. During a group class a faculty member leads a group of 5-15 students through pieces, musical exercises and games. Group class help build a sense of peer motivation, performance skills and a sense of community.

It is best to wait for the help of your private teacher when buying an instrument. Our faculty members will be most willing to help you find an instrument that is the right size and quality for your child. SuzukiMusic also has an Instrument loan program, as well as a Parent Marketplace on our website.

SuzukiMusic has a number of instruments to loan to students. Violas, flutes, and cellos may be rented from the school at very reasonable rates and students learning viola, flute and cello are loaned an instrument for free during their first year of study. SuzukiMusic is proud to have a collection of high quality Sabatier Violas, starting at 1/16th size, so that children as young as 3 years of age can start viola studies.

How do I pay for my child’s fees?
Please refer to the information in the registration section.

Viva Suzuki is a grand finale concert to our school year.  Our entire SuzukiMusic community gathers to perform together, highlighting achievements and progress across the school year.  Viva Suzuki is our school’s major fundraiser event of the year. Proceeds from this concert go towards further training for our faculty members and funding of Suzuki Student programming.

Does SuzukiMusic have any summer programs?
SuzukiMusic offers a Summer Camp for children 5-13 years of age.

Do any of the SuzukiMusic faculty teach privately during the summer?
Yes, many of our teachers provide private lessons during the summer. Please contact individual teachers to find out their availability.

Which families are eligible for financial bursaries?
SuzukiMusic offers a limited number of bursaries to families in financial need. Eligible families have typically studied at the school for at least one year and have demonstrated a strong commitment to the school. The Bursary Program is solely funded by proceeds from the annual Faculty Benefit Concert.

SuzukiMusic will reduce its registration fee when a family has more than one child in the school.

Please refer to the NCSSM Policies and Procedures for information on payments and withdrawing from the school.