Senior Programming Book 4 and Above

Senior Ensembles

Senior Ensembles are instrument specific groups, such as Senior Flute Ensemble, Senior Violin Ensemble, Senior Guitar Performance Group, Senior Viola Choir and the Ottawa Suzuki Cello Orchestra, as well as our blended Senior Strings ensemble, who perform multi-voiced repertoire written for the genre as well as arrangements of masterworks fo the classical repertoire and music popular with teenagers.

The goals for group ensembles include skill building, intonation, rhythmic precision and performance training at a senior level. These initiatives provide an opportunity for advanced students to work together in a team work project and to build leadership skills through music making. The focus is on each individual developing a sense of commitment to individual excellence with the ultimate goal of high caliber orchestra performance. Training is provided through regular Saturday coaching with SuzukiMusic faculty. Students are also offered performance opportunities in the greater Ottawa community.

Senior Enrichment Classes

Every year Senior Enrichment classes are planned for our Senior String Students.  These classes vary from year to year and have included workshops with guest teachers to learn about the Jazz and Blues genres, learning Improvisation skills through Creative Ability Development, and developing small group ensemble skills.  These classes are designed as a group of 5 classes culminating in a performance opportunity.  

Group Class Mentor Program

We’ve designed a program to help teens mentor young musicians in our school and gain their community volunteer hours at the same time. Interested students are paired up with a group class of younger students to help mentor, lead and demonstrate for the younger students in the class.

A Suzuki Teen Mentoring certification course is also offered every other year.


In addition to the other school concerts and recitals our Senior students perform in our Annual Ensemble Concert and in our Senior Solo recital for students graduating Book 4 and above.  Medals are given to Book 4 and Book 8 graduates annually. 


When available, senior students are also offered a variety of opportunities to participate in various instrument related workshops, outreach concerts, guest teachers, master classes, ensemble, career and school counselling, and artist appreciation events. 

“If a musician wants to become a fine artist, he must first become a finer person.” 

– Shinichi Suzuki