Cello Lessons

SuzukiMusic offers cello lessons to children in the greater Ottawa area.  The violoncello is a bowed string instrument. Cellists play while seated with the instrument between their knees and secured in place with an endpin. The large size of the instrument creates a lower sound. Cellos are available in fractional sizes so that children can begin study from an early age, as young as 3 years old. The child’s readiness for music lessons is to be determined in consultation with the private teacher.

SuzukiMusic Cello Programming in Ottawa

  • 36 Weekly Private Lessons
  • 15 Saturday Classes Including: Cello Groups, Musicianship, String Orchestra, Cello Choir and Chamber Music.

SuzukiMusic Cello Faculty

Emma Grant-Zypchen

Margaret Tobolowska

Sonya Matoussova