Volunteers of the Year

Congratulations to our Volunteers of the Year 2019-2020!

Every year our school runs smoothly because of our dedicated parent and community volunteers. Each volunteer plays an important role at our school and our community could certainly not run without the hours of volunteer effort shared with us.

Each year we celebrate a parent volunteer and a community volunteer who have gone above and beyond in helping our school function. It is our pleasure to announce this year’s award recipients:

Aubrey Award for outstanding parent volunteer: 

Graham Ashford

This year the winner of the Aubrey Parent Volunteer of the Year Award is Graham Ashford! Congratulations and Thank you for your service to our school! Graham has put in endless hours of work on our new website, coding and creating the structure of the site as well as helping Susan with patiently provided tutorials as she added the content to the site.

In addition to his work with the new website, Graham is our resident photographer and has been taking photographs at our special community events for a number of years now. His beautiful work graces the pages of our website as well as being used for promotional materials, slideshows, etc.

Thank you Graham!

McKerral Award for outstanding community volunteer:

Anne McKerral

This year’s winner of the McKerral Community Volunteer Award is Anne McKerral. Yes, you read that right! Anne is receiving the award that was named after her!

Our Annual Volunteer Recognition began a decade ago, in 2010. The awards were named after those first recipients, both pillars of the SuzukiMusic community – the Aubreys for the parent side, Anne McKerral for the community side.

This year, Anne is our only community volunteer. Because Anne has received the award before, and was actually the first recipient of the award, we could have skipped giving out the award this year.

However this is a wonderful opportunity to re-acknowledge Anne’s incredible dedication to this school. Anne is the longest serving member of the school in a volunteer capacity and the second longest serving member of the school in any capacity. Anne began her tenure as treasurer on our Board of Directors in 1993 and has provided steady guidance and financial advice to our Board for 27 steadfast years and counting.

Thank you Anne!