Parent Education

Parents are at the core of the Suzuki approach, as they support their children’s practising at home. All new parents attend their first three private instrumental lessons without their children so that teachers can ensure the parents’ understanding of the basics of both the Suzuki philosophy and the instruments their children are about to study. Should a parent wish to withdraw after completing the three parent only lessons, fees for the remaining six weeks of term will be returned. As well, all new parents are requested to attend the Parent Education classes which are held on group class dates, involving discussion of Suzuki philosophy, the Suzuki triangle, listening, motivation and practising.

One private lesson annually is set aside for a parent-teacher conference for all students, and there are additional lectures and workshops for both new and experienced Suzuki parents during the year.

Upcoming Parent Discussion Sessions

We offer many sessions for parents during the school year and you are all invited to attend and take away all the ideas our guest speaker and faculty members have to offer.

Resources for Parents

Links to Articles covering Early Childhood Studies

Join a Parent Class!

Registration for any parents who would like to join:
Parent Orchestra: availability is based on demand. Contact for more information.
Parent Guitar Group: contact teacher Daniel Srugo directly.